Hi, I'm Angie

I like the 3 C's
Coffee, Chocolate and Cheese

productivity and goal setting

I also love to help women strive
for their goals in business
and in life.

But ... still who am I?

I’m Angie the creator of Lifestyle Anytime. I live on the beautiful Central Coast NSW Australia with my husband and adult children. Australia is not where I or my husband grew up. It is where we choose to live.

But, I don’t just blog …

When I’m not blogging or providing social media and Pinterest growth services I can be found walking by the lake or walking on the beach or at work.

Yes, I work too. blogging is not my full time work yet, I’m working on that. I work part time as a carer in the community. A job I enjoy, a job I chose.

Creating a balanced lifestyle

One thing I believe is that creating a balanced lifestyle is possible and that is how I chose the name Lifestyle Anytime.

Lifestyle Anytime came about as I was searching for a tool to create an online business from scratch. I was searching for a more balanced life to step away from the overwhelm and stress of my past job. Burnout sucks!

I know what it was like to live without the stress, anxiety and burnout. I had control of my life once before and knew I could again. Digging into the online world, I discovered how people were building online businesses to create geographical, financial and time freedom.

A new goal was born

For my husband and I to become grey nomads, before we’re grey, and in the process help other people create a life they love.

My goal is;

To help other women develop skills, set goals and create habits for a more balanced life.


When you believe in possibilities you create opportunities.

I know you are amazing and can find time to work on your goals and achieve great things.

I'm here to help you create daily habits that lead to big dreams. As Jim Rohn said,

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”


Spend time doing what you love, and you will find joy.  It is never too late to set a new goal or adjust the steps you are taking on a current one.

Not sure where to start – read these posts for inspiration and stay connected with weekly emails that motivate, inspire and empower.

My hope is to inspire, encourage and empower you
to live and maintain a balanced life.