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start your day with daily affirmations

Do you start your day with daily affirmations? Do you believe in daily affirmations to bring success into your life?

I have been through phases in my life where I have started my day with affirmations and phrases where I haven’t. What I have found is that when I start my day with affirmations I achieve more. The reason for this is due to more clarity and direction as what your focus on you move towards.

What is an affirmation?

An affirmation is a positive sentence, a conscious thought. It is a reflection in which you are in conscious control of your thought. It is with your thoughts by saying, hearing and repeating them that you create your reality. This is why when you start your day with daily affirmations you can change your focus and create your own success.

With affirmations, you reshape your beliefs by making your sub-conscious thoughts conscious. It is a way to work on the internal before the external.

Research indicates that every day you have between 45,000 and 50,000 thoughts with the majority of them being negative. However, when you say affirmations to yourself they can help you reprogram your thinking and bring positivity and change into your life. Thus, reprograming the negative to positive. Changes take place because you are in conscious control of your thoughts and that is why starting your day with daily affirmations help you stride towards your goals.

Morning Routine

How to write an affirmation.

  • Start by writing your affirmation in the first person. Use ‘I’ or “I am”.  The use of first person statements gives the affirmation identity and the empowerment to change. ‘I am successful in all that I do’.
  • Affirmations are positive statements. Ensure to write using positive vocabulary. Sentences with a negative word bring negative vibrations and effect on a personal level. Leave out words like not, no, never.
  • Put emotion into your affirmations as feelings help connect the mind and body. ‘I love the balance I have in my life between work, rest and play’
  • Write in the present state, meaning now not the past or the future. ‘I am grateful for my healthy body’ as opposed to ‘I will be grateful for my healthy body when I get to goal weight’.

In the morning I like to say affirmations that are going to set me up for a great day. I do this by saying a few affirmations that I have written down for myself.

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Examples of daily affirmations to start your day with.

Start your day with daily affirmations

I don’t just say affirmations in the morning. Throughout the day I also like to say a few affirmations and I remind myself to do this through the use of an app.

When I first started using affirmations I had no idea where to start and looked for ideas of affirmations and guidance on what to say. I read books, blogs and listened to mentors who use affirmations.

Louise Hay was an advocate of teaching people how to live a happy and empowered life. She used positive statements and taught how to use them. Click here for 101 of the best Louise hay affirmations. This list is a great place to start to start your day with daily affirmations.

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