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Our habits make or break us, they define us and reform us. Just as good habits lead to progress and result, bad habits can lead to disappointment, unproductivity and the feeling of failure. When you have a goal, you need to take action to get there and the best way is to create habits and take consistent action. You can design and create your life by breaking habits, forming new habits. For habits are behavioural actions repeated consistently.

Tony Robbins quote

It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.

Anthony Robbins

Some mornings I really want to turn over and hit the snooze button but I don’t. The reason why is I have a health goal and I know that consistency is key to success. Just one or two days lapse may see me slip back into bad habits. Furthermore, I may find myself going backwards instead of forwards.

Track your habits for success.

Are you like me and have a lot of goals you’d like to achieve? If the goal is something you have never achieved before then you may need to change some things that you are doing. As if you stay doing what you are doing you will end up with the same results you currently have.
I’m certainly finding that I need to change habits to get the results I want.
As I change my ways, I also track. I find tracking habits a useful tool to keep me on track. You can find more about 90 day  habit tracker here.
As consistency is key to success, a tracker gives a visual view of how you are taking action towards your goals. You can see if you are creating the habits you need to change and become the person you know you can be.

I believe this is why I like to track my success with a 90 day success planner and habit tracker. Using a tracker I can see patterns and make adjustments to reach my goals. 

90 Day success tracker free download to help track for success

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments

Jim Rohn
Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment

Not all habits are equal. Yet, all habits are powerful.

I once read a story about three men whose lives changed over the period of a year. The three men were friends. The first man decided he wanted to improve his health and wellbeing so every morning he got up and went for a morning walk and read a chapter of a book.

The second man, he decided he was happy the way things were in his life and he did not change his ways. And, the third man he started eating a little more than he usually did, not much just a little. He also had an extra snack with his morning coffee and he chose to start relaxing more in life.

As the story goes after a year, the first man was happier, slimmer, fitter and got a promotion at work. Personal development was helping him reach his goals. The second man had not changed and the third man had put on weight, he was more tired than he used to be and unhappy with many things in his life.

It is the cumulative effect of the habits that created the changes in these men. The first man’s success came about because of the small positive changes he made.

It’s habits that lead to success.

To start achieving goals, you need to change your habits. However, changing a habit does not happen overnight. Just as, goals are not achieved overnight. New habits are formed and the results may take time to show. They are not instant.  It takes time to build and get momentum.
To reach a life goal. It can take a year, two years or even three years depending on what you are aiming for and the amount you are putting in. Positive habits do lead to success over time.

At the start of 2017, I decided to start blogging and each day I take steps to achieve this by working on the business and on myself. Yes, blogging is a business.  I track every day the steps I am taking towards my entrepreneurship goal. By tracking I can see the consistencies and see what I need to work on.

90 day habit tracker

Consistency is key to success

Most success stories told all over the world are as a result of consistency. Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Barrack Obama and even renowned athletes all never gave up. They were consistent until they obtained the desired outcome.
Achieving a goal is about not giving up. Having determination, believing in yourself and working towards your goal. One day you will achieve your desired outcome.

Consistent action.

You must take action towards achieving a certain goal. Without action, your wishes and goals will only be a dream. Consistent action may be learning new things, research and testing and repeating.
You must be consistent in whatever action you take towards achieving your goal. For, that’s the only way you can attain success.

I remember as a child my hearing my sister practice the violin. At first, it didn’t sound good. In fact, I didn’t like her practising it as it was not pleasant to listen to. With practice she became good and it was a pleasure to hear her play. 

However, you prevent yourself from fulfiling your dreams when you quit. When you encounter difficulty, look at it as a challenge and push through. Remember your dreams and why you are changing your habits.

When we decided we wanted to move to Australia we needed to put steps into place to work towards that dream. This included research on visa’s, research on job availability, research on neighbourhoods. My hubby too needed to put steps into place to learn English. There were multiple action steps we needed to take before we moved to the place we call home, ‘Australia’. 

Never give up on your goal

There is no shortcut to success; you must put in the effort, determination, consistency and never give up. Failures, drawbacks, and discouragements are a normal part of any success story.
However, what differentiates winners from losers is the spirit of never giving up no matter the situation or outcome.
You need to always stay focused on your goal, concentrate all your energy on ensuring that your goal becomes a reality. Whenever you get a drawback, recollect yourself and try to find out what happened and learn from your mistakes. Learn from the mistake and move forward, today many people call this motion ‘failing forward’.

Recently I went to Perth to meet up with business mentors and entrepreneurs all building their own business brands or building affiliate marketing businesses.  While in Perth, we were set a 90 day challenge, part of that challenge was to fail at something weekly.  Why fail? fail because by failing we are progressing as we are taking consistent action towards our desired outcome and only by implementing, learning and developing consistent habits will we reach our goals.

Aim for success.

Give yourself the best chance. Take consistent action and never give up on your goal.

Consistency is key to success. It is the spirit of never giving up and the amount of effort you put into achieving the success that will enable you to achieve success in whatever you do. Therefore, give yourself the best chance. Take consistent action, never give up and track your habits. Get your free 90 day success planner and habit tracker.

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