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Gratefulness is one of the things people take for granted. Yet, it is one of the most critical elements for becoming successful. To develop a grateful heart and appreciate yourself and others are the key to life. Gratitude can make all the difference for you even when things are not going as planned. Your dark days can become brighter. Your sad days can become happier. Like the suns rays beaming between the clouds, appreciation turns the dark into light.

Why focus on developing gratitude?

It is important to develop the habit of being grateful for everything that life throws your way. As gratefulness enables abundance of happiness and personal growth. Surprisingly, developing gratitude can turn your darkest days, weeks or even months around into more positive experiences.

Learning how to be grateful will boost your assertiveness hence empowering you to defend yourself against oppressors, bullies and negative people effectively. It also improves your mental strength making it easy to forgive others and overcome your dark past easily. Also, gratitude allows you to learn from your past mistakes, boosts your positive emotions like; self-esteem, kindness, compassion, optimism, spirituality. Gratitude even eradicates the sense of entitlement allowing you to work harder.  Just being grateful improves your overall health immensely.

Attitude of gratitude

How to develop a grateful heart.

One way is keeping a well up-dated gratitude journal. Journaling can help you to develop a more thankful mindset. Consider using your journal to remind yourself of all the good things you have like; valuable people in your life, beautiful moments or experiences and you’re most powerful personas attributes.

Additionally, you can also become grateful by remembering your hardest past experiences and compare them with your success. Other ways to develop a grateful heart include; learning gratitude prayers, embracing your common sense, using visual reminders, vowing to practice gratitude, watching your attitude and language, going through grateful emotions, and getting out of your comfort zone.

With so many good things to draw on, can you think each day of 3 things to be grateful for? Write them down in a gratitude journal.

Are you having a few problems thinking three things to be grateful for? Let’s get you started.

There are 3 things to be grateful for even in our darkest hours, days, weeks or even months. They are;

1. Gift of Life

Life is priceless. You should be thankful for every second you are alive. Why? Well, being alive allows us to enjoy other free but important pleasures of life. Pleasures like the sunrise, the sunset, rainfall, a roof over your head, family, friends and even colleagues.

You may feel like life, what life. Everyone feels that way at times. Everything may be going wrong or feeling it is going wrong. However,  you can turn things around as soon as you believe you can and as soon as you start to see the positiveness around you. Be grateful for your life and make every moment count.

2. Drinkable water and food

Have you ever considered that millions of people across the world don’t have access to drinkable water and good food? You should always be grateful for having some food to eat.  As you enjoy your food or push aside your plate, pause for a minute and remember that not everyone can afford a tasty, healthy and hot plate of food or a glass of drinkable water.

When I was younger I did a few overseas aid trips and part of one of the trips included the building of wells to bring water closer to villages. In some of the villages, many young children were left to fend for themselves because the family could not afford food.

Both food and clean drinking water are taken so much for granted. Yet, there are people starving not only in third world countries but in all countries around the world. One way to help would be to research places near you that take food donations. The good is then given out to those in need or used in shelters to feed the homeless.

3. Good Health

You have every reason to be grateful for being in a good state of health. While you are taking your good health for granted, someone somewhere is in a hospital bed or succumbing to his or her illness. You do not have an indestructible body so be thankful for your overall good health. However, if your good health is a concern be grateful for the shared knowledge that enables you to improve your health.

Practice the art of appreciation and share your joy. When you are unsure what to share. Wear a smile and share it, as happiness spreads like wildfire.

A grateful heart is a key to wealth. The wealth of health, the wealth of relationships, the wealth of freedom, the wealth of life.  Head over to our Facebook page and join us, participate in a daily gratitude challenge, answer the daily question on gratitude.

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