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With the stresses of everyday life, it is so important to ensure that you look after yourself. One of the ways to do that is to plan ‘me time’. Specifically, ensuring you have set goals for self love. Each week when you plan your week, ensure you book time for you. As all too often self care is forgotten. Normally, this is because you focus on checking everyone else has what they want and need. Often forgetting about your needs.

I know this to be true as over the years, I’ve often focused on running around my children, my husband, my business, my job and when the day was finished I had little time for me. This did not make me happy. There were times I was grumpy and miserable as everyone had what they wanted except me. I know this sounds selfish, but I realised if I was not happy and fulfilled it was difficult for me to help my family and others be happy and fulfilled. It was during this time I realised I needed to put me into my own schedule and prioritize my goals for self love

Of course, I wasn’t happy with myself for not putting taking care of my self. I also knew for things to change it was up to me. What I did first to ensure I was happy was to bring my life back in balance and take time to reflect each day. My reflection time was my time out walking, enjoying nature, enjoying the sounds of the waves, the birds and silence.

When you fly, there is a reason the air hostess instructs you to put your own oxygen mask on first. When you have oxygen you can help your children and those you love and the people around you.

Hal Elrod Quote,

The best time of day to implement goals for self love

The best time of day for self care is at a time that suits you best. Yet, if self love has not been high on your agenda before, you may find it difficult fitting it into your schedule. Not having time however is no excuse. If your goal is self love, it would be important to find time to implement a few strategies that can guide to a happier and more fulfilled you.

Positive Ways to start the day that will transform your life.For me, one of the best times of the day is mornings. Why? This is my time before my busy day starts. Not too long ago I lay in bed awake thinking about getting up to start my day, but wanting to stay under the covers just a little longer. I was wanting to have time to myself but could not see how to fit it in. 

A friend introduced me to a book ‘The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and now my day starts with my lifesavers. I talk more about life savers here but, what I’ve found is that starting the day with savers is relaxing, rewarding and refreshing. Before breakfast, before the hustle and bustle of the day, I have already worked towards my goals for self love. What I love about the book ‘The Miracle Morning‘ is that Hal Elrod shares ways that the savers can be implemented at different times. Therefore if you are not a morning person or work occasionally shift work like me, it is still possible to work on your goals. 

30 free or low cost self care ideas

  1. Walk – Go for a walk in nature, near a lake, on a beach, near the mountain or at a park.
  2. Gratitude – Create a gratitude list, things you are thankful for.
  3. Cooking – Love to cook, cook your favourite dish or bake bread or a cake. Then invite a friend round to share it.
  4. Manicure – Give yourself a manicure or even a pedicure.
  5. Fresh flowers – Treat yourself to some fresh flowers. Sunflowers are my favourite, what are yours?
  6. Declutter – Tidy and declutter a space in your home or in your wardrobe. It always feels great after a clean out, when things are tidy.
  7. Listen to music – Put on your favourite music and dance like no one is watching.
  8. Read a book – Find a comfortable spot and put your feet up and read a book.
  9. Plan a getaway – So many places to visit and explore, plan your next day trip or weekend getaway.
  10. Research – Find a mentor or a support group to help you with your goals.
  11. Watch a movie – Sit down and watch one of your favourite movies.
  12. Draw or colour – Colouring is a fabulous way to relax. Search colouring pages for adults.
  13. Create a vision board – Have fun with colours or craft and put your goals in front of you on a vision board.
  14. Do something that inspires you –  Can’t think of something. Think about what has inspired you this past week and write it down. A question we ask around the dinner table each evening is “what inspired you today?” 
  15. Have a cup of tea or coffee – Invite a friend to join you for a cuppa.
  16. Reflect on your accomplishments – If you have photos look through them.
  17. Take a nap – Great to rejuvenate and reenergize.
  18. Yoga or pilates – Great for the mind and body. Improve flexibility, increase muscle tone and strength.
  19. Donate or volunteer – Donate some items after you have decluttered or volunteer at a local charity.
  20. Unplug from social media – Switch off and tune in to the peace around you.
  21. Journal – Write in your journal or start a journal.
  22. Do some gardening – Pull out some weeds, tidy the plants or plan for next season. Maybe create a herb garden.
  23. Re-visit your goals – Add to your goal list and tick off the goals you have completed.
  24. Take a bath – Always relaxing and refreshing.
  25. Meditate – Tune out or tune in with a guided meditation. Meditation or silence is part of the miracle morning routine.
  26. Visit a museum – Explore a local museum or place of interest that you haven’t been to for a while.
  27. Write a letter – Everyone loves a good old fashioned letter. Write to a friend or write a letter to yourself.
  28. Call a friend – Sit down and telephone a friend for a long chat.
  29. Exercise – Go to the gym, run, attend a fitness class you enjoy or try a new fitness class. You will always feel great after exercise.
  30. Plan a week of healthy menus – Bring out your cookbooks and plan your meals for the week. Choose some new recipes to try.

30 free or low cost self care ideas


It is not selfish to have goals that pamper yourself. It is not selfish to put yourself first. Naturally, you too have needs and wants and giving to yourself, ensuring you are at your best is self love. When you put yourself first you get to help others. Create the time to nourish yourself, your mind and your body.

Let’s expand on this list. Share one of your self care goals in the comments.

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