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Your health goal says no chocolate. You are shouting yes. You don't need to feel guilty, as eating chocolate at Easter and throughout the year is possible. Enjoy Chocolate.

Easter, chocolate, chocolate, hot cross buns and chocolate.  If you have a health goal to lose weight, Easter can be tough. Easter can be a time where the goal goes out the window. There are four wonderful days over Easter and yes goals can be achieved. Let’s enjoy Easter and its trimmings; chocolate, hot cross buns and more chocolate.

My diet and chocolate are ongoing. Not just at Easter. I enjoy chocolate and have a little every day. 

I don’t, can you? Can you really have an Easter with No chocolate. You can enjoy chocolate this Easter without feeling guilty.

Yum to chocolate this Easter with no guilt.
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How to enjoy chocolate without feeling guilty?

  • Give yourself permission to eat some chocolate. It is Easter and chocolate is part of Easter, allow yourself permission to indulge in just a little.
  • Watch your portion sizes. With chocolate have a little, preferably of the healthy dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants because of a higher percentage of cocoa.

I heard quite a long time ago that choosing chocolate over 70 percent cocoa is best. The higher the percentage of cocoa the more bitter the chocolate is. Though, it takes time to get used to bitter chocolate. It is still best only in moderation as dark chocolate too is calorie dense. 

All you need is love but a little chocolate now and than does not hurt - Charles M. Schulz
  • Choose quality over quantity. If you plan to eat chocolate, choose to eat a quality piece of chocolate and savour every bite. My favourite is Lindt chocolate. It is quality and really tasty.


Every year I buy the children, Carsten and I a small Lindt chocolate bunny. My Lindt bunny is the dark bunny. I also buy Lindt chocolate and Cadbury chocolate small eggs for a treasure hunt. Naturally, I know I need to be mindful of how much chocolate I eat and eat with control. I could so easy overindulge and feel awful after. 


A 100g chocolate Lindt Gold Bunny is 544 calories. A serving is 40g.

Remember your health goal

Eating a chocolate bunny every day is certainly not going to help you achieve your health goal. A health goal or weight loss goal is like any goal you need to plan for success.

  • Plan ahead of time. Over Easter plan ahead of time. If you are going away or eating out, plan what you would like to eat. Eat a good healthy breakfast and choose wisely when out for lunch and dinner. If chocolate is offered, think do you need it or just want it. Sometimes having a small bite or a small quality Easter egg as a desert is sufficient.
  • Pack healthy snacks to stop yourself from eating too much chocolate.

I eat almonds and dates as a healthy snack. Dates are a healthy alternative to chocolate, sweet and tasty.

  • Drink plenty of water. Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water. When you keep hydrated you feel fuller and may not feel like the chocolate. ‘Who am I kidding?, I always like to eat chocolate.’ Have a drink of water and wait. Water may not be tasty like chocolate, but it can stop cravings because you feel fuller.
  • Combine your chocolate with fruit by melting dark chocolate and dipping fruit into chocolate. Strawberries, kiwi, mango dipped in chocolate. Yummy and healthier.
A little exercise can go a long way.

If you choose to eat chocolate, walk the chocolate off. Go for a family walk, power walk, dance, swim. Choose an exercise you enjoy and burn off the chocolate calories.

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How to enjoy chocolate without feeling guilty?

Chose to enjoy chocolate this Easter without feeling guilty, because you want to have a piece of chocolate.

Enjoy a little chocolate in moderation.

Enjoy 1-2 squares of dark chocolate or ¼ of a gold Lindt dark chocolate bunny.

Savour each bite and exercise control in choosing to eat chocolate.

Chose to eat because of how it makes you feel not because it is Easter.


Easter may bring a few setbacks due to the indulgence in chocolate, hot cross buns, more chocolate. Set-backs and indulgences are part of a weight loss journey to better health. What determines your success is how you bounce back from setbacks and indulgences. 

On Easter Monday, plan for success by planning your healthy meals for the week, donate your Easter eggs and enjoy healthy habits.

Happy Easter.

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