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ideas for blog posts

Struggling to come up with topics for your blog posts. Read on to discover how to find topics for blog posts, even when you don’t know where to start.

Before you look at how to find topics for a blog post, think why do you write a blog? A blog varies for everyone. Some people blog to keep a personal story. Many people blog to gain readers and followers. When blogging to gain followers it is important to think about your blog before you start writing. Think about what your followers may want to read and why they read a blog post.

People who read or follow specific blogs do so for a variety of reasons. They want to;

  • Solve a problem
  • Learn something new
  • Be entertained
  • Get inspiration
  • Reach a goal

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Questions To Ask Yourself To Help Find Topics For Blog Posts.

When commencing blogging you may wonder what to blog about. Researching ideas to blog is not difficult when you ask yourself a few questions.

  • What am I passionate about? You will continue to blog if you blog about something that interests you.

In the area I live, playing Netball is a big sport. I will not write on netball because I know nothing about it and am not interested enough in it.

  • What are my interests? What am I doing already? These are questions to ask yourself, that can prompt you with a blog idea. Do you go out walking each day? How about cooking, is cooking something you like? Maybe you have a hobby you can share. Think about your interests and write about these.
  • What do you have to offer that others can learn from? Everyone has a valuable skill. Skills are learnt from birth, throughout childhood, throughout your life.  If you are unsure of what you have to offer. Ask your friends or think about what you love to talk about to your friends.  Blogging is like talking only in written format.

Worrying about what to blog about is a thing of the past as there are multiple places to find blog content.

How To Find Topics For Blog Posts

  • Other peoples blogs.  As a blogger when you read other peoples blogs, look at the comments and see what is being asked. Can you answer the question in your next blog?
  • Social bookmarking, sites like,
  • Social networks, Facebook, Instagram Google +
  • YouTube
  • Podcasts
  • News discussions
  • Blogs about your passions, your hobbies, your business, your life
  • Daily life, people are interested in you and your life. Behind the scenes. Share what you do.
  • Relationships, family and friends.  When you chat with family and friends you will often get inspiration on different topics to write about. Why something happened, what happened. Share stories and resolutions.
  • Answer frequently asked questions from your readers.

When blogging it is important to remember it is not what you write, it is the value within your writing.

4 Great Places To Find Blog Ideas;

Wiki how categories. Scroll through the categories and see what is being answered in your niche.

answer the public blogging

Answer the public is a great website that generates lots of questions to answer. The why, the how, the what, the when, the which, the who, the where, and can questions of the niche question.

Google Keywords. Google keyword is a great tool to look at the keyword competition for specific keywords to write about. It is also a great keyword generator. Write your niche into google keywords and see what other words are generated. This may prompt blog post ideas.

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Pinterest is one of my favourite ways to search find inspiration on topics to write about. Type in the search bar your niche and scroll through the beautiful images, reading the blog titles. I’m sure you’ll find some inspiring ideas. While on Pinterest follow LifestyleAnytime.

Other possible blog topics

Still wondering what to blog about, check out the infographic for possible blog ideas or pin for later. 


topics for blog posts, ideas to blog about

I’d love to hear from you. What topic will you blog about next?

Lifestyle Anytime

Angie blogs about setting goals and mastering habits as well as productivity and living abroad. She started blogging while learning the skills to start an online business. Her goal to work online came about due to wanting to see overseas family and travel around Australia. Her mission is to help others succeed with their goals. Angie often shares tips and tricks while walking the beaches or near the lake on the Central Coast NSW Australia. 

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