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A rocking horse keeps moving and does not make progress

Have you ever thought if you are taking action towards your goals or are you just moving? Let’s think about work for a moment. Just because you show up to work doesn’t mean you get anything done. Too often throughout the day, people go through the motions of doing stuff. Doing things that keep them busy, however busy doesn’t always result in progress.

With goals it is similar. Things can be getting done, yet it may not be the right stuff. Only by doing the things lead you towards your goal will you progress forward.

“Don’t confuse motion and progress. A rocking horse keeps moving but doesn’t make any progress” – Alfred Montapert

When you are in motion, you may be busy doing something but the task alone will not produce an outcome. Progress only comes with action. Action produces results.

‘Five days a week I talk live on Facebook.  When I list out ideas to talk about I am putting things into motion, however when I talk I have taken action and progress towards my goal. The goal of Facebook lives.’

There are many times that it may look like you are moving towards your goals. Though, are you? you may be in the cycle of motion not in the climb of progress.

When I go for my daily walks by the lake or on the beach I am moving. These daily lake or beach walks are refreshing and reenergizing great for my health. Yet, with a fitness goal only when I am power walking for at least 40 minutes am I taking strides towards the specific goal of fitness.


3 tips to help you with taking action towards your goals

Make the Most of Time

Everyone is allocated the same 24 hours in a day to spend. It is how the time is spent that determines progress. One way to help spend time wisely is to create a schedule that assists you with moving forward towards your defined target.

A schedule is a guideline, part of the blueprint that guides the movement from A to B and assists you to make the most of your time. Laptop Lifestyle Anytime Schedule

My example schedule is based around working full time while building a business. There are many times that the schedule changes. Change takes place because I put family first and spend time randomly throughout the day with the family. What I have found best is to plan the key actions for your main goals into your day. This is so that you progress forward towards your goals daily.

Never Mistake Motion For Action - Ernest HemingwayDefine your Goals

If you have something you want to do try writing it down, by writing it down you can turn the impossible to possible. A goal that is not defined is a wish list. Look at your goal and plan it out, break it down into bite-size pieces and focus on progressing forward one task at a time towards your defined goal.

As you focus on your goal a path will become clear. For it is by learning that the steps of the goal get clear. When you learn more you are in motion, you commit to the process of learning but remember the key is to progress. Therefore, follow the rule to learn, do, teach or share. As by implementing what you learn, you progress and by sharing what you have learnt you provide value to others and assist them to progress forward too.

Understand Your Results

Ask yourself ‘ Which habits are distracting you? Which tasks are progressing you forward’ Awareness is power! Track your results to discover how you spend your time. Track your results to see if your busyness results in motion or progress. Only by tracking can you learn to understand your results.  To track your busyness, track how you spend your day. Evaluate the results to make the most of time and schedule activities that produce results into the day. Why not try the 90-day tracker to monitor and evaluate your goals.

Have a great day and reach out if you need assistance or would like more information on working smarter not harder.


Angie blogs about productivity, community and social media marketing, as well as living abroad. She started blogging while learning the skills to start an online business. Her mission is to help others succeed with social media and blogging as well as live a laptop lifestyle while travelling in Australia. Angie often shares tips and tricks while walking the beaches and near the lake on the Central Coast NSW Australia.

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