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“Today is the day you can love yourself with no expectation” – Louise Hay

Do you love yourself? Can you say that you truly love self? I know I can’t. There are days I say I do and some days I put a condition on my self love. Crazy, I know, but I know I’m not alone in putting conditions on loving myself.

“When I lose weight, then I’ll love myself”

“When I love myself I’ll stop quitting on myself”

“One day I’ll have time for joy and happiness”

“When I change, I’ll feel I belong”

Thinking of relationships, set self love goals for 28 days because you are worth it

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I read a poem recently that Charlie Chaplin read on his 70th birthday. Beautiful Words on Self Love, as I began to love myself. The poem was originally written by Kim McMillen the author of “When I loved myself enough“. The poem had me thinking about my relationship with myself and the ways I give myself appreciation and how I benefit from self love. It also had me thinking about how to set self love goals.


Your relationship goals should start with you, as you are the most important person in your life. You deserve to benefit from your unconditional love. It is not selfish as when you focus on loving yourself you actually give so much more to the people and communities in your life. Some benefits of self love include;

  • Increase in self esteem
  • Improvement in self confidence
  • Self respect
  • A greater life satisfaction
  • Improved mental health
  • Motivation to adopt healthy habits

Have you ever noticed when you have low self esteem you devalue yourself and appreciate little of what you do? Yet, when you love your self you increase your self worth and appreciate so much more in life. As you appreciate more and love life more, stress and anxiety are reduced.

Simply by loving yourself, you can be there not only for yourself but for others in more meaningful ways.


When you learn to love yourself more, you become happier. You also find ways to have more purpose in life and realise that you are in control of your life. By developing a healthy self love relationship with yourself your mental health improves. With self compassion anxiety, depression, illness and burnout are reduced.

Self love is important as it is the foundation of happiness and personal development. Self love increases self worth and improves relationships with you and with the people around you.

If you are like me,  you may at times feel that your spouse, your children, your parents or siblings are the special people in your life. And yes they are, but I learnt the hard way by getting burnout and by suffering from anxiety. I learnt that to be there for my loved ones, I need to be there for myself and love myself first.

You are the most important person in your life and you deserve to be loved. Let your relationship goals start with you loving yourself and showing yourself compassion.


Valentines is not only about showing your love to your loved ones. It’s time to show yourself some compassion and appreciation because you deserve it. Don’t settle for one day. Pamper yourself with 28 days of self love.

This calendar has an action to take each day that will help you find time for yourself.


You deserve to be loved. Not only by those around you but by yourself. You deserve to set self love goals for yourself, for you. Now is the perfect time to appreciate yourself and participate in the month of self love challenge.

  1. Watch your favourite movie.
  2. Visit a local market.
  3. Plan your weekly meals.
  4. Cook a healthy meal.
  5. Call a friend.
  6. Write down three things you are grateful for today.
  7. Go for a walk and take 3 photos of things that inspire you.
  8. Put your feet up and read for 15 minutes.
  9. Have a picnic lunch alone or with a friend.
  10. Create a vision board.
  11. Find a new recipe to try.
  12. Treat yourself to your favourite flowers.
  13. Delete 5 apps on your phone you do not use.
  14. Grab a takeaway coffee and enjoy it at a beautiful lookout. Take a photo to share.
  15. Start a journal.
  16. Put your favourite tunes on and dance.
  17. Visit a place you haven’t been to before. (tick it off the bucket list)
  18. Sit in silence for 10 minutes or mediate.
  19. Spend 15 minutes tidying your desk or office.
  20. Spend 30 minutes colouring.
  21. Enjoy a bubble bath or spa.
  22. Start a herb garden.
  23. Clean your closet and donate your unused clothing to charity.
  24. Relax in nature.
  25. Try yoga.
  26. Get a manicure or pedicure
  27. Compliment a stranger.
  28. Say NO to negativity by being conscious of your thoughts and people around you.

“When I loved myself enough, I began leaving whatever wasn’t healthy. This meant people, jobs, my own beliefs and habits – anything that kept me small.  My judgement called it disloyal. Now I see it as self-loving.” – Kim McMillen”

You are special and you are in charge of your life. Set self love goals. Embrace the 28 days of self love challenge, tick off the days as you go.

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