Resources for beginner bloggers

Resources for Beginner Bloggers and Online Entrepreneurs

There are multiple opportunities and ways to commence a business online and be an online entrepreneur, blogging is just one way to get your message shared. I choose to blog, Carsten chooses YouTube and we both use Social Media to help us share our messages.

Of lately I’ve been asked what do I recommend for beginner bloggers so I have decided to make it easy for you and list the products, services and some books I recommend as a beginner affiliate blogger.

This list is evergreen in that it will be added to throughout the year. Naturally, my aim with blogging is to serve you by promoting products and services that may assist you with your goals. Therefore some of the products and services I mention below will be affiliate links. The good news for you is that every product is tested by me. I don’t promote anything I have not used.

As a blogger who promotes products or services with the blog, I am required to inform you that, this post contains affiliate links.  As a result, we may receive a small commission from the companies or products mentioned in this post at no additional cost to you. Please read the disclaimer for more information.


Free and low cost resources to get your blog up and running.

Website Hosting

When you start blogging you may start with a blogging platform like blogger. I used blogger for a brief period many years ago when I had my cleaning franchise. Today I prefer to use WordPress, however, Carsten prefers Wix. So we use both platforms for our businesses.

and self-host through different hosting pQiQ.

Many bloggers promote different self-hosting platforms and I agree with self-hosting. I currently self-host via Siteground which I can totally recommend for bloggers. Their service is excellent.

Domain Name

Most good hosting sites provide an option to purchase domain names and QIQ also provides this option. However, here are a few other domains where I have registered domain names these are;


Crazy Domains

As Domain names are renewable, it is important to diarize the date in your calendar a week to a month prior to the date it is renewable. A good hosting company and domain name supplier will send you an email. Yet, you and I both know how easy it is to miss an email or two when we are busy.

WordPress and WordPress Plugins

When I first started blogging on Lifestyle Anytime I used a free blog theme. There are many to choose from within WordPress. I decided to change to a paid theme when I decided that I was going to add affiliate links to my blog.


WordPress Theme OptimizepressOptimizePress is the theme that I use. It was recommended to me due to the features of creating landing pages, sales pages and building an authority blog. What I love about OptimizePress is it is easy to use and modify. They also keep their theme updated which is essential when building a website with multiple pages like landing pages, sales pages, membership sites and blog.


Grammar checker

 When you blog, you obviously write and it is important to watch the grammar, well, just a little. As I’m no expert on grammar or spelling, I use Grammarly to check it. Grammarly is a free app which is great to use not only when blogging but in general when writing. In fact, I use Grammarly in all my communication and writing assignments. Yes, my study ones too. Using Grammarly sure beats reaching for the dictionary to check the spelling of words.

Social Media Plugins

As a blogger, you want to make it easy for readers to share your content, the best way to do that is to have a Social Media Plugin that helps your readers share posts and pages.

Ultimate Social Media . Using plugins like Ultimate Social Media is one way to do this. USM has a free and paid version. I have found the plugin easy to set up and use with a variety of icon designs from.Social Media Plugin for WordPressAdd to Any is another social media plugin for WordPress which is great and easy to set up and use.

SEO Optimization

You can be forgiven if you are unsure what SEO is. SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. SEO is marketing organically by optimizing content so that it is found by search engines.

Yoast is my preferred choice for SEO. The plugin has a simple traffic light system it uses to help pinpoint changes needed in content. Yoast has a great blog site that provides valuable tips as well as SEO courses. This one I think is a must have for any blogger.

Email Communication


Email Marketing

I use Aweber for email communication. What I love about Aweber is it is easy to use and has great examples for email content. Furthermore, with Aweber, setting up campaigns and auto tagging campaigns to start and stop is all possible. What I think, many bloggers and online business owners would agree on is that if you are ready to automate and sell more you need a good email marketing system. Aweber is easy, they have excellent support and some great email templates to get you started.

Free guide to 45+ email content templates and the complete course to writing great emails.

Blog And Business Organization Tools

In business and blogging is a business, it is important to create systems or workflows. Using a project management tool is a way to do this. Naturally, you can also document in word or even a journal. However, the most important thing is to be documenting your steps and documenting your business ideas, goals and outcomes.

Trello has got to be one of my favourite organization tools. With Trello you can create boards, lists and share with team members or clients.

Social Media Schedulers

Before learning automation, I set my social media up in Trello and added posts manually. The benefits of Social Media Schedulers is they free up a lot of time and are a great way to stay consistent when posting. Some platforms like Facebook have ways to schedule posts within their platform. Being a bit of a control freak, I’ve taken my time starting with a scheduler. As I mainly use Pinterest for blogging I use a Pinterest approved scheduler, Tailwind.

Tailwind is a Pin scheduler for Pinterest. As I’m justing learning tailwind. I recommend reading this blog from Suzi at Start a Mom Blog.


When creating your own content you will need access to some great tools. Now, of course, I have Carsten who is a pro at PhotoShop. He helps with creating my blog feature images, the ones on the blog posts with all the letter balls on them.

Cool aren’t they? Naturally, I can’t call on Carsten each time I need an image so I create all the Pinterest and Social Media Images with canva.

Canva This has got to be my favourite application. It has a free and paid version and is simply amazing. You have access to photos, images, graphics. Can write on photos, crop, edit use overlays. Canva is always adding new features and they have some awesome suggestions for all media types.

Canva is the tool to edit pictures can grab some photos. Other places I recommend for photos are; pixabay, pexels and unsplash.

Goal Setting, Business Building and Motivation

Slay your goals plannerMy blog is all about setting goals and creating habits for a balanced life, as balancing life around working and bring up children has been my main focus for many years. Setting goals and creating habits played and still plays a bit part in my and my families life.

I have many resources that I have used in the past to set goals including books. However, one resource I have found very useful is the Slay Your Goals Planner. What is great about the planner is that it has over 60 pages to help you define your goal, create mini goals, plan your year, plan your to do list, your habits and review your goals. Even if you don’t know what your goal is the ‘Slay Your Goals Planner’ can help you.

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Most of my books I purchase via Amazon and as an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Amazon is a great example of affiliate marketing and great for bloggers to promote other peoples products and services, which is what affiliate marketing is.

I am a big believer reading for knowledge which is why I purchase Books and listening to Audio Books.  The list in 2018 alone is extensive so here are just a few of the books I recommend when starting an online business.

Crushing It – Gary Vaynerchuk

The Four Hour Work Week – Tim Ferris

Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki

The Morning Miracle – Hal Elrod.

The Morning Miracle, I can’t talk about enough. It really shows you how to find time in your day. The important changes to focus on to improve and create your life and to take action on what you learn with all the other suggested books I mention here.

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Expert Secrets and Dot Com Secrets are both books by Russell Brunson a must read to understand online businesses. If you are a struggling blogger just read the extract of Dot Com Secrets. It explains  that there is more to it than click funnels.

The Compound Effect – Darren Hardy. Again this is a book I’ve referred to many times as the authour Darren Hardy is someone I followed when he was the publisher of Success Magazine. I totally recommend reading The Compound Effect as it discusses the effect of daily habits and how with small habitual changes you really can change your ways. I started listening to Darren Hardy when I had my cleaning franchise many years ago. He has free daily mentoring at DarrenDaily.

Just for FUN and the love of CHOCOLATE.

The Downunder Gift HamperIn all seriousness, the reason I chose to be an affiliate for ‘The DownUnder Box‘ is I love Australia. It has been my and my families home now for a long time now. We choose to make Australia our home. I started promoting ‘The DownUnder Box’ when my daughter was in a gap year overseas. Whenever she called she asked for Tim Tams.

For many years I received gifts boxes and hampers from overseas. It was away in which my parents gifted to my family at Christmas. I wanted to send hampers to my family with an Aussie take so researched and discovered ‘The DownUnder Box’. My daughter always loved receiving this box of yummy treats.

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Free and low cost resources to get your blog up and running.