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Achieving goals starts with habit stacking and personal development.

Naturally, when you set goals you want to achieve that goal. However, with most goals it takes actions and one of the best ways to get momentum going is to create habits in your life that lead you towards your goal. For setting up to achieve is something that does not come naturally. It is hard. In fact, I needed to learn how to stack habits in order to achieve or even do some of the things I do daily.
Every day is a new challenge and although you have a goal some days you may not feel like doing some of the things that you need to do to get you closer to your desired outcome. I know for sure that I don’t always feel like doing the tasks I need to or going for a walk, especially on the cold winter mornings. This is being human. You don’t always wake up positively motivated to just go out and get things done, or just go out and walk. It takes building up or psyching yourself up to do some things in life.

Just think about it. It took quite some years to put on the weight by enjoying some wonderful food, so it will take some years and effort to take off the weight. I can’t expect it to happen overnight and I can’t expect it to stay off if I don’t change my ways. So learning to stack habits as to do what I need to do to become who I believe I have the ability to become is a small price to pay.

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What is habit stacking?

Habit stacking is effectively adding a new behavioural pattern to a current habit. It is stacking a new habit to a currently embedded habit. The old habit is the trigger for the new habit to attach so it becomes part of your routine.

Naturally, you need accountability to achieve your goals. Accountability to self can be in many ways like;

  • Sharing your progress on social media.
  • Belonging to groups in apps like Strava. If you walk or run Strava is a great app to have a support group in.
  • Belong to support groups where you share your goals and the steps you are taking towards them.
  • Have an accountability partner. Having an accountability partner is an awesome way to share your plans, discuss your challenges, celebrate your wins and keep you accountable.
  • Use and app like to help you stay accountable and take action on towards your goals.

Free 90 Day Habit Tracker

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3 Steps to help you stack habits successfully.

Believe in yourself.

You need to believe in yourself and what you are aiming for. If you find it difficult to believe you can achieve but really want to achieve the goal you have set yourself, try reading daily affirmations.

I believe in me and my abilities. I believe I can and will become all I want to be and live the life I would like to lead.

When you believe in yourself you put in your best effort as you know your chances of success are high. You also don’t give up as you know that the journey takes time. You have faith that you will achieve. Achieving starts with self-belief.
You can do anything you put your mind to.

‘Just remember, you can do anything you set your mind to, but it takes action, perseverance, and facing your fears.’ – Gillian Anderson

Own your goal and enjoy the journey.

You need to own your goal and want to achieve it. There is no point striving for something you don’t really want. This is the importance of the goal being your goal and not someone else’s goal for you.

Naturally, I’m not about to start habits that I don’t enjoy. Neither should you.
I remember reading once that you won’t go to the gym and work out if you don’t enjoy it, so why do it.
For me the why is to get healthy, however, I also believe that everyone will find something that they enjoy to participate in that will help them with their health goals.
When people say gym they automatically think sweaty bodies, fit people working out and pushing weight but gyms are more than that. I go to a local gym for the aqua classes and bike combo aqua classes. After a work out you know you have worked out even in a fun water activity like aqua aerobics. One of the bonuses of water sports is the water supports joints as you work out.

Set yourself a challenge.

Over the past few years, I’ve taken part in many 90 day challenges. Basically, this means for 90 days you do a task or two to form the habit of change you would like. Some people may do the task daily, some a few times a week. Either way, before the challenge, starts you define your goal and then work towards it. Yes work, no change happens without action.
Choose 30 or 90 days and take actions towards your goals by creating new habits. Stack habits upon habits to set yourself up for success.

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Be prepared for the day.

To take action may require setting yourself up to achieve and this too is where habit stacking comes into place.
As mentioned above to stack habits you attach the habit to a current routine. For example;
Put your gym clothes out the night before so you have no excuse in the morning to get up and dresses for gym class as you have your gear ready.
The cue is going to bed.
The action is putting your clothes out for the next day. Creating a routine.
The reward is you are not searching for everything you need to get out the door in the morning to participate in your chosen activity.

No waking any family members up as you tiptoe getting ready at the unearthly hour you’ve decided on. Ok, that’s me. I’m a morning person and prefer to exercise in the morning. I know at the end of the day I’m too tired.

Want to know more about building a habit stacking routine, check out this post from SJ Scott author of the book Habit Stacking.

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Examples of how to stack habits.

  • Put walking shoes in the car and go for a walk on the way home from work.
  • Looking at drinking more water, place an app on your phone to remind yourself to drink. To start drinking more water start with having a glass before each meal and coffee break.
  • Wanting to read more, think about something you do daily which you can attach reading a chapter of a book. Your prompt to get your book and read could be putting the kettle on for afternoon tea.
    For me reading time is when I come in at the end of the day. I make a cup of tea and read a chapter of a book or at least 10 pages.
    Naturally, if you have small children you may not be able to do this undisturbed the minute you walk in the door so reading may become a bedtime routine before you turn off the lights to sleep.

Habits eliminate the need for decision making as you decide once and create a routine that fits in with your life. Tracking the habit until it is part of your life.
Download a free 90 day habit tracker to help you track your way to success.

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    • Julie

      I love learning about habits and self-improvement! Have you read “Better Than Before”, by Gretchen Rubin?

      • Angie Emde

        Thanks for reminding me of that book. I haven’t read it but have it on my list to read. I listen to Gretchen Rubin’s podcast ‘Happier.’ What I’ve found is the habits that Hal Elrod discusses in the Miracle Morning are awesome habits to bring into your life. Positive Ways to start the day.

    • Lisa

      I had heard about Habit Stacking but didn’t really know what it was, until now! Thanks Angie! I think this is super helpful. I have been trying to work on some things that aren’t really working out for me (like getting up earlier and getting stuff done)…this post has given me some more tools! : )

      • Angie Emde

        Changing routine is not always easy especially getting up earlier in the morning. The way I have found it works best is when you start small with the changes and build upon them. Pleased some of the tips can help. Wishing you the best at adjusting your routine.

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