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Decisions, decisions, decisions are they tiring you out? They can be so exhausting. Just going to the shops is overwhelming. The mental exhaustion from making decisions. It is time to stop decision fatigue with 3 simple tips, be more productive and save time.

I can go to the shops to buy an outfit and then come back empty handed because there are too many choices to decide from.

And how about the supermarkets so much choice. There is 1000’s and 1000’s of products, do we need that many?

I was at the shops earlier today doing the groceries and I saw a mother and a child standing in front of the rows and rows of mayonnaise deciding on which one. To have egg or no egg, to have a flavour or no flavour, to have a known brand or try a new brand. The mum was saying one thing the child another, unable to make a choice.

I seldom have Carsten come with me grocery shopping, as I can buy off my list and send him for one or two items and then find him still in the aisle trying to make a choice.


Roy E Disney Quote,

Stop decision fatigue with 3 simple tips

The easiest way to eliminate decision fatigue is to limit your choice.

  • Stick to the one brand, the one you like. There may be many choices to decide from, however, don’t get tempted by other choices. Stick to your brand, the choice you like.
  • Decide on a style. It is well known that Steve Jobs wore business turtleneck tops as a work outfit to save the mental exhaustion of deciding what to wear each day. There are times having a work uniform has an advantage, it stops decision fatigue.
  • Have your list and stick to the list. When you work off a list be it at work or shopping, look at the list and stick to the list. Put your blinkers on to stop the distractions and stay focused on your list.

If you know what you want for dinner and what ingredients you need beforehand, you won’t go round in circles asking, what do you want for dinner? NO, you choose. Make a decision and stick to it. – put your blinkers on to the other decisions, the other choices. Decide what is best for you and your family and stick to it.

Schedule your important tasks in your diary to do at a set time.

The importance of scheduling a task to act on is it stops decision fatigue. Decisions are draining on both your mental and physical energy.

  • Where possible do the most important tasks first, especially if it is the hard job.

Brian Tracy explains in his book ‘Eat That Frog’ how to stop procrastinating and get more done in less time. Part of getting more done in less time includes making a decision and taking action on it.Eat that frog, Brian Tracy Book,

  • Set your priorities for earlier in the day before you get distracted or before tiredness sets in. When you start to get tired, it is important to stop and recharge your energy.

I like to limit my to-do list to two main tasks which I write up the night before. I always ask myself “what two things do I need to do today to feel amazing and bring me closer to my goals?” These two things I prioritise in my working schedule.


Use the power of leverage to help you with decision making.

Why use all your energy to make a decision when others can help you. So often the depletion of energy from decisions, decisions, decisions is a waste of time and energy as the decision making can be shared.

  • Talk to a trusted friend or a mentor for guidance. Outsiders impute always gives another perspective.
  • Delegate some decisions. You do not need to be the decision maker for everything. Family members can help with deciding what is for dinner, where to go on holiday. In business team members can assist. Sometimes to let go helps to stop decision fatigue due to leveraging the mental energy of others. Listen to your friends, co-workers and family, they have an unbiased opinion as they are dethatched from the matter at hand.

I like to talk with peers and mentors with business decisions. Sometimes a good chat about choices I need to make helps me not be so indecisive. Having a supporting community in business is a blessing.


A final note if you feel your energy levels drop. Take time out to reenergize yourself. Good decisions come from clear thoughts and listening to yourself. To stop decision fatigue ask yourself does this decision align with my values and my purpose. When you understand your values and align your decisions with your values, your goals and your purpose, decisions become easier.

work-life balance, lifestyleanytime, laptop lifestyle businessChoosing where you live, how you live, the sort of business you have are not easy decisions, having a supportive community of like-minded people can assist you with finding your values and reaching for your goals.

Have a great day.






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