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Stop multitasking to be more productive
‘Success demands a singleness of purpose.’ – Vince Lombardi

Stop Multitasking To Get Things Done

Everywhere you look people obsess with completing tasks. At this present time, it is about the hustle. It is about the ‘make it happen’. Make it happen so you can have a dream lifestyle. It is about doing many things at once to get nowhere fast. To get things done you need to stop multitasking.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for making it happen and being productive. However, I’m also all about not getting burnout in the process. Focussing on one thing is the way to move ahead. I learnt you need to stop multitasking to get things done. Stay focused on one thing and truly follow your heart and what you trust to be right.

To create a lifestyle, to manage a business, to grow a business, to move across the world multiple times with a family is all possible. In fact, it is possible without the burnout without the stress and without the overwhelm.

What I have found is to create a happy life you need to create balance in your life. I have balance when I focus on habits that create work-life balance. I am happy. Live with joy. I live with a purpose. The way I create work-life balance is to plan. In particular, I like to plan my week, plan my day, fit in the things that matter most to me. As, if I am happy and productive I find I can serve others better.  

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How effective is multitasking?

Being productive is not multitasking. As when you multitask you switch between tasks. By constantly switching between jobs, the quality of your work decreases and your focus may become unclear. In fact, the amount of time to complete the task increases and it is stressful working on multiple tasks at once. Multitasking is not effective.

Think of many things do one, focus on one thing

Multitasking is less productive. To get things done it is important to stop multitasking.

8 productivity tips to help stop multitasking
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Stop Multitasking To Get Things Done

Below are some tips on how to plan your day to be more productive.
Productivity Tips

1. Have a plan. – Know what you want to do, set guidelines and dates to finish the task.

2. Set boundaries especially for social media. – Stop distractions by turning off notifications as you work on your tasks.

3. Schedule your time. – Schedule time for work, for business admin, for meals, for fitness, for yourself.

I like to schedule time each day for a walk.

The best way to schedule your time is to write down all the things you do. Look at the way you spend your time and categorize them into groups. Block out time in your day for each group. There will be days where the schedule will change, however, with no schedule, your focus may jump from one task to another will no clear direction.

4. Make a morning ritual. – A morning routine of getting up early and starting your day with personal development or things that help you become more productive is a great way to start the day.

For me, I like to start my day with S.A.V.E.R.S. The six actions from The Morning Miracle are a great way to start the day with clarity and focus.

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Stop Multitasking: Priorities your tasks to get things done.

Other people start the day with meal preparation for the whole day, a long walk, a gym routine, reading. Commence your day with a morning ritual that does not include answering work emails immediately.

5. Priorities your life. – Having too many priorities can be distracting. Limit your focus. Prioritize the areas of your life that matter most to you. Get rid of things that don’t serve you.

Too many of us say ‘Yes’ when we mean ‘no’. Naturally,  I’m guilty of this too. I’ve found it best to prioritize what is important in my life for myself, my health and my family.

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6. Prioritize your list. – Having too much on your list can be overwhelming. Write your list with a focus in mind.  Then focus on one thing at a time. In the book ‘Living your best year ever’ by Darren Hardy. Darren Hardy has a step to step guide to creating habits to focus on one thing. This is one book I read and listen to each year. The one thing you focus on will be broken down into to actionable steps. Each step actioned one at a time throughout the day, week or how you have scheduled it.

7. Plan weekly. – At the start of each week, plan your week. Give yourself time for your tasks. Plan your travel, plan your meals, plan your fitness, plan your time out with friends, plan ‘me’ time. Plan, plan, plan.

Naturally, unplanned tasks or priorities do turn up. However still, plan as planning gives some guidance and structure. Planning helps with short and long-term goals.

8. Review weekly – At the end of each week, review your week. What went well, what needs improving. What tasks to delegate, what tasks to delete. Were the right tasks prioritized?

Remember the Pareto Principle

Your time matters. Stop multitasking and make good use of your time. Focus on one thing at a time. Focus on the important things for you and your business. Remember the ‘Pareto Principle’. The Pareto principle states that 20% of your input creates 80% of your results. Focus on the 20% in each area of your life that creates results. If you are an entrepreneur work out where the top 20% of your results are coming from and focus on that area. If you sell products, look at the characteristics of your top buyers and find more buyers with these characteristics. Put your energy towards the 20% that creates 80% of the results.

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In his book ‘Living the 80/20 Way‘ Richard Kock explains why less is more and why when you focus on what’s really important you do get to worry less, work less and succeed more.

For quality and clarity, focus on each task individually. Stop multitasking to get things done. Stop multitasking. Free up your time. Focus on the things in your life that matter.

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