Dealing with people who are easily irritable and flustered can ultimately cultivate collateral stress. Being in proximity with such individuals will definitely cause you to absorb their stress like a sponge. In the end, it will leave you feeling burnt out and stressed out. As if that’s not enough, other people’s stress can weigh you down leaving you susceptible to unhappiness, depression, and failure. It is time to stop the worry and place stress in a box. To place stress in a box, you must identify and avoid all fragile stressors. Secondly, you should eliminate empathy stressors from your life completely if you are to avoid contagious stress. Lastly, you must steer clear of giving stressors, people who pass their stress on to you. Associating with super delegators can devastate your life due to their stressful personality.

I enjoy catching up with people for a coffee and a chat and as much as I love to help and empathise, I have learnt the importance of placing other peoples stresses in a box and not keeping them as my own. To do this I simply imagine placing the stress in the box and closing the lid. Together my friend and I have chatted, ranted on, discussed and problem solved, so now it is time to put away the worry, place it a box and put the lid on. My friends stress and worries are not mine to wear. Like the unwanted Christmas gift, box it to return.

You should contemplate doing everything in your power to avoid stress like plague. Contagious stress can be a nasty thorn in the flesh particularly when it’s chronic. While we all relief stress differently, its consequences are indiscriminative. Negative effects of second-hand stress include high blood pressure, emetophobia, heart-related disorders, skin ailments, unhappiness, low self-esteem and unaccomplished goals among other things. Combining your own anxiety with another person’s stress can easily leave you totally worn out. With that in mind, it is wise to stop trying to please everyone. You have the right to choose to be there or step back from stressors.

www.lifestyleanytime.com.auNow is the right time to say no to stress before it’s too late. If ungoverned contagious stress can easily make you cranky, and trigger insomnia which will ultimately complicate your life. Choose to push stress away through various techniques such as regular exercising, dancing, listening to music, watching movies, healthy eating, meditation and avoidance. You shouldn’t feel guilty for steering clear of anyone oozing contagious stress. The beauty of avoidance is that it activates all the other techniques of relieving stress.

Hey, avoidance may sound drastic but it’s the key to optimal mental health.

Cultivate the tendency of communicating effectively to yourself and others when you feel infectious stress seeping in. Make a mistake of sending the wrong signal stressors and you will live to regret it. Yes; being there for others is highly recommended. However, you must put an end to it when it starts ruining your own life. Have the courage to choose between falling over backwards with accommodative words and calming them down followed by a straightforward communication.

Nothing is worth endangering your optimal health. Not your worries, not your stress, your thoughts, friends, relatives or even colleagues. Learn to enjoy every breath you take without allowing what you can’t control to sabotage your happiness and peace of mind.

Have a great day.

Angie Emde



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