Writing my plan in a note book as part of my daily routine

Whether at work or working from home, it is great to have some form of structure in your day. As a structured day is a productive day. And a productive day helps you achieve your goals quicker.

I’ve always aimed to have some form of structure. Organized enough to reach my daily goals. But not so rigid to allow for changes throughout the day.

Finding myself at home with a fractured ankle, I’ve realised the importance of flexibility while remaining focussed. When you focus on your goals and break down the steps to achieve them. You begin to see the things you can do to help you achieve your goals.

The first week being home I thought I’d get a lot more done than I did. My plan was to focus on 2 things; rest and work on blog structure. It did not happen that way. Self care came first. I found I was getting tired a lot even when sitting on an office chair with my foot up. I was used to being busy, not tired. Having walking goals, I know the importance of resting my ankle and healing.
Fortunately, understanding goals, I changed my focus to do what I could towards my goals. Rest and reading.

Writing out my plan in a note book with the 7 simple ways to structure your day for productivity.
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It is possible to stay focused on your main goal and keep working towards it when you plan your day.

How to create a flexible and structured daily routine as no 2 days are the same.

Having had many careers from working 9-5, to being a shift worker and being self employed from home, I’ve needed to adapt my daily routine regularly.
Every time I plan my day, I schedule some time for me and my goals.

I was working evenings after work on my blogging goal.
If you were working for yourself after work and making great progress, just because your home does not mean you need to adjust your hours. During the other hours of the day be more productive in other areas of your life; Fitness, time with family, connecting with friends.

Sometimes the reason you work from home is to be with family more which means changing to working to day hours so you are free in the evenings. In this case, certainly set up a new structure for your day prior to forgoing the old. It takes time to readjust.

Plan your priorities each day.

To structure your day for productivity is to know what you are aiming for.
Know your main goal. Then break the goal down and write the two main things you can do today to help you step closer to your goal.

At the top of my journal every morning I write. “What 2 things can I do today to feel amazing and bring me closer to my goal.”

My main goal is my priority. The main goal has been broken down into actionable steps to help me achieve it. Sometimes goals seem so far away. Yet when a goal is broken down into actionable steps you know it is achievable. Every day one step closer.

Naturally, when you are at home, it feels like there are loads of hours in the day. There is, but they can easily be filled with non necessary actions. Time waster like scrolling on Facebook or Instagram.
If your business is on the platforms go ahead. But if your core goal is to blog on WordPress, maybe social media is not the daily priority.
When you have time to delay, it is so easy to waste it.

As you structure your day for productivity, take action towards your core goals first.

On your to do list there will be more than your goals. You will have many tasks to do. Working, running a business, a household and a family. Life is busy. I get that.
However, you have goals and being productive towards your goals requires actions towards them.

For me, my 2 main things to do today are: Preparing this blog and reading about blogging tags.
I choose the activities as they lead towards my goal of becoming a successful blogger. Two things bloggers need to do is write good blogs and learn their craft.

Let’s say your goal is to write a book. Then each day a goal could be to write 500 words. Writing each day would be a priority as it would lead you towards your goal of becoming an author.

Everyday is a busy day and taking steps towards your goal each day is possible when you plan your day.

7 Simple ways to structure your day for productivity.

1. Have a morning routine.

My morning routine includes healthy habits like walking and meditation. Many successful entrepreneurs swear by a morning a routine. In fact, Hal Elrod who wrote the Miracle Morning says it saved his life. His book has been read by millions of people worldwide and is translated into multiple languages. Even just taking a few of the steps from his recommended morning structure assists with personal growth.

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Personal growth is the essence of stepping toward your goals.

2. Write up your daily plan.

Before you start your daily work, write up your daily plan. Include the 2 key items you wish to do that day.

Write a list of the things your need to do. Note everything down. Put your list in order of priority. Remembering your goals.

Getting up earlier was the way I got started with walking 10,000 steps a day, meditation and writing. Effectively creating more ‘me time’. I also created 30 day challenges for myself to help me change my habits one day at a time.

When we are happy and productive on our goals we become more productive in other areas of our life.


3. Work in time blocks.

Use a system like a Pomodoro technique. This is the technique of working in time blocks. Working in blocks helps you stay focused and productive by giving you breaks. When you focus intently for long periods on one thing, you begin to get tired. Having breaks is good for your energy and your creativity.

To schedule time for tasks, I use my iPhone. There is a tomato timer available online to help track breaks. It is a tomato timer because the Pomodoro technique was invented by Francesco Cirillo and came about from a tomato timer. A cooking timer he used to track his work.

Naturally, we all have different ways that we go about our days. In general, our end goal is all the same; to have a productive day. One thing I realised is that many successful bloggers, work in batches. This is they block out time for different activities. This is known as ‘time blocking.’
Time blocking is when you block time in your schedule for a particular activity that links to multiple actions. All the actions leading to one goal or project.
An example of this in blogging is when you block out time for part of your day to create images for multiple blog posts.

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Looking from a balcony overlooking the sea where cruise boats float. Ask yourself what would your life look like if your directed it instead of drifted through it. Michael Hyatt quote
“Ask yourself what would your life look like if you directed it, instead of drifted through it.” – Michael Hyatt

All too often I overestimate time. If you are like me and do this too, remember the golden rule of ‘eating the ugliest frog first’. Brain Tracey speaks about his in his book ‘Eat that frog.’

Tip: Remember to rest. Sometimes we are most productive when we are doing nothing. Rest allows your body to rejuvenate and your mind to become creative.

4. Plan for your breaks.

As you structure your day for productivity include daily breaks. Ensure you put in a lunchtime break and coffee break. Additionally, take your breaks away from your computer. A screen break is good for your health.
When I used to work 9-5 in an office, I used to go for walks over my lunch break to get some fresh air. I also walked to clear my mind, for exercise and to recharge with positive energy.

I like to plan my meals weekly and this includes lunches. Each morning I prepare my lunch at breakfast if I’m going to work. If I’m at home, I check that I have everything I need so I can make my lunch fresh at lunchtime. Most Sundays I plan my week which includes meal planning. Planning your week is another way to plan for maximum productivity.

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5. Set up your environment.

To be productive it is vital to work in a space that provides positive energy. If you feel crammed into a small dark area, you may feel that you can not be creative. That being said, it is possible to turn the small area into a positive area by hanging quotes or putting up a vision board to help you stay focusses on your goals.

If you go to work on your goals, your goals will go to work on you. If you go to work on your plan, your plan will go to work on you. Whatever good things we build end up building us.

Jim Rohn
Jim Rohn quote if you go to work on your goals your goals will go to work on you.

To achieve more each day, turn off distractions. If your main aim is to set up your day for productivity it would be wise to ‘skinny dip’.
Not too long ago I was told the best way to structure my day for productivity was to not have notifications on for social media, emails and google alerts. This did not mean not using these platforms. It means skinny dipping. Jumping in and out of the platforms at set times throughout the day.

6. Invest in yourself daily.

The way to personal growth is personal development. Create self-awareness and personal growth by implementing ways to invest in yourself daily. This could be reading 20- 30 minutes a day, listening to podcasts, enhancing your skills, learning about something you can do to commence steps towards one of your goals.
As you invest in yourself, you step closer towards your goals.

If I knew writing 30 days for 30 minutes was going to save me so much time, I would have started it earlier. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Invest in yourself daily and see how it improves your productivity.

7. Be grateful everyday.

Everyday count your blessings. Celebrate your wins. Gratitude has a multitude of health benefits. You see past your obstacles when you look at things in a positive light. The fewer obstacles you face, the more productive you are.
On the days you do not feel grateful. Look around you and count your blessings for the things you have and the things you have achieved.

There are no failures in life, only lessons.


One of the best things about practising gratitude is it changes your perspective. When you look at life through a positive lens the way forward becomes clearer.

The best way to structure your day for success is to focus on your goal. Ask yourself the ONE question, ‘what can I do today to feel amazing and bring me closer to my goals?‘.
Create a routine that suits you and brings you everyday one step closer to your desired result. These 7 tips can help, however ultimately results are achieved with action.

  1. Create a morning routine.
  2. Write up your daily plan.
  3. Work in time blocks.
  4. Plan your breaks.
  5. Set up your environment.
  6. Invest in yourself daily.
  7. Be grateful every day.

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Make every day awesome.

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    10 replies to "7 Simple Ways to Structure Your Day for Productivity"

    • Katherine

      Great points in this article. I found that changing from completing a task to spending a set amount of time on a task made a huge difference to how I felt at the end of the day. And a day that doesn’t start with meditation is a very different day than a day when I don’t meditate. Thanks for all the good references.

      • Angie Emde

        Starting the day positively makes a big difference to the whole day. It is great to hear you too have discovered the benefits of meditation. It is amazing how we don’t always see how far we’ve come only how far we still have to go. Continue to celebrate your wins, the daily steps you take towards your bigger projects. Have an awesome day.

    • Gina

      This is perfect timing. I needed this! Believe it or not, I have to much time and accomplish nothing. This will be implemented this week.

      • Angie Emde

        Pleased to hear it is helpful. I know how that feels, on many occasions I’ve felt like I have all the time in the world yet it just slips by. Asking the daily questions sure helps. Have a productive week.

    • Karen

      Time management has always been the thing I struggle with the most. Setting priorities has helped. I’m going to try including the timer as well. So glad you included self-investment and gratitude—I totally agree. These really are critical for success no matter what the task is (or for life in general). Thanks for sharing these tips!

      • Angie Emde

        Time management is something I think is something we all look at improving. Who really has enough hours in the day! Would be interested in hearing how the timer goes. I know without a timer I could take all day on some tasks. Have a great day.

    • Lainey Odette

      I always forget breaks! What a fantastic reminder. I get so busy and wrapped up that I just keep going. It’s energizing but also very exhausting. I think it’s causing my end-of-day monkey brain, which takes a lot of time to pull out of when trying to wrap up the evening. Thank you for ALL of these great tips! I think it’s time for a daily redesign for me.

      • Angie Emde

        Love how you call it ‘daily redesign.’ It’s so easy to sit and just keep going yet the breaks help with the end result. As does, closing the day by writing up your thoughts and suggestions. Clear the head ready for a good sleep. Have an awesome day.

    • Lisa Dahn

      Thanks for all the great suggestions. I am working on getting my days organized as a stay at home caregiver and you have given me a good start!

      • Angie Emde

        Thanks, Lisa. Caregiving is a beautiful and rewarding, although very hard at times, I know how hard it is to get into a regular routine. I work as a support carer around blogging and find that every day is different. It is all possible with focus and a flexible routine. Have an awesome day.

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