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What I hold in my heart. The one thing I can't live without.

I was asked the question this week ‘What is the one thing I could not live without? At first, I was going to say water, food, shelter, air. You know the basics in life that you can’t live without. However, the basics were to be ruled out.

After ruling out the basics, my next thought was relationships, connections with family, friends, colleagues. Relationships are definitely high on my list. I didn’t say relationships. You see, relationships or rather social needs are part of the basic needs according to Marlow’s theory of needs. So, I decided to ponder a little longer and think. What would I truly miss? What could I not live without in all areas of my life?

I hold in my heart the one thing I can't live without
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Non-material things I can’t live without.

Just thinking about what I can’t live without had me thinking of a few things. I used to always say that I could not live without my passport and it was the key to travel between countries to see family and friends, but I know I can replace a lost passport.
The real things I cannot live without are not things at all.

I can’t live without my family. Knowing my family is safe, my husband and children. One of the easiest ways to know that my family are safe when they are not near is by phone. So, although it is family love I can’t live without, it is the technology that keeps us connected. My choice of technology is an Apple iPhone.
Today I felt totally lost because I had lost my phone. In fact, I had the swimming friends help me look for it after aqua class. You see, I’m never without my phone and today I felt totally lost without it. I thought I’d lost it, but I hadn’t. It was safe at home.

The office in a pocket.

Apple phones today are like mini-offices in your pocket. Phone calls, sharing pictures and writing letters to each other or rather emails or mini-messages are all possible with my iPhone.
If I was to list the things I’ve done today with my phone it would look a bit like this;

  • Read a chapter of a book
  • Responded to social media messages
  • Posted photos on Instagram
  • Posted message on Facebook
  • Pinned to Pinterest
  • Booked an appointment
  • Sent a few emails
  • Checked work schedule
  • Timed an activity
  • Made a few phone calls
  • Messaged a family member
  • Taken a photo

Looking at the list, which will grow throughout the day, it’s fair to say I would miss my mobile.

The gratitude of a beautiful day.

A further thing I could not live without is the smell of the fresh air and the beautiful views I see daily on the Central Coast. I’m so grateful that I live so close to such a wide variety of beautiful areas; beaches, lakes, bush and mountains. I love them all.
The reason nature is so important to me is I find it rejuvenates and energizes me. Without energy I know I will not be able to help others as much throughout the day and complete all I do in a day.
Therefore, a day without being grateful and enjoying the beauty around me is something I could not live without. Oh! did I forget I’m not allowed to miss one of the basics of life?



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Personal Growth and Development.

I’d like to say that books I could not live without. Books are accessible on my phone, at the library and are the stepping stones to personal growth. I read a chapter or two from books daily as well as listen to podcasts and read from blogs.
Google is my best friend when it comes to looking for information on how to do things.
So as much as books are one thing I’d miss if they were not available. I know I can access knowledge from the people around me. That takes me back to being connected to people.

In fact, friends and community are great mentors to learn and grow from. Sharing how to do things and advise is something people do naturally.  Some people know they are sharing, other people do it as part of their nature without even thinking about it. Other people share by sharing wonderful personal stories or stories they’ve heard.

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Although many community connections are online today, occasionally information via a leaflet or flyer is still shared in the community.

Here in Australia, when it gets close to bush fire season. You receive notices and see posters directing you to information to what to pack for your emergency pack. Surely the one thing I could not live without would be something on me at all times or in the emergency pack if it is a material thing?
When I think about my emergency pack it would need to include things to keep me connected to family and friends near and far. Therefore it would include my passport, phone charger plus additional power charger. Journal and pens. Naturally, all the basics on the suggested emergency list too.

The thing is, the emergency pack is not always with me and many of the items in it, I’ll be able to replace. So they are not my one thing.

What can't you live without, the two squirrels here share a snow love heart.

The one thing I can’t live without.

The main things I could not live without is the support of family and friends. Friends help you through the tough times and support you with your goals and ambitions and laugh with you on your daily adventures.

So yes, if I had to give a material thing that I can’t live without. It would be my iPhone as it keeps me connected with family, friends all the communities I belong too.

Now it’s your turn, what is the one thing you can’t live without?

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