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We have three types of friends in life. Friends for a reason, friends for a season and friends for life.

3 types for friends according to Aristotle

It takes time to form friends for life. Even when living in different countries or having distance between you, friends for life is achievable. Naturally, it takes effort on both sides to keep long distance friends. However, with today’s technology, it is possible.

When Carsten and I first left home it was certainly much more difficult to stay in contact with all our friends. Today it is easier to stay connected with family and friends and even revive some older friendships.

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The three types of friends in life.

Friends for a reason.

With this friendship, both parties obtain a benefit from each other. The friendships are generally quite shallow. It is like a give take relationship. Known also as utility friendships the friendship serves a purpose but not a true bond.

When you first move to a new country or neighbourhood it is easy to form this type of friendship.  Friendship of this sort may be out of loneliness. It is better to know someone in the area than not have a friend.

Some work friends can be friends for a reason. Also, neighbours, those who water each other’s plants while the other is away but no connection otherwise.

Aristotle classes this friendship from the three types of friends in life, as the evil and selfish one.

Friends for a season.

Short-lived friendships are friends for a season. Friends coming together due to similar likes, values and activities The friendships are important at the time. Also known as friendships for pleasure. These friendships are often formed during school years or when in sporting teams. During the time you are friends, you enjoy each other’s company, jokes, chatter. You feel energised with this friendship. The friend is important and makes you feel good.

Of the three types of friends in life, friends for a season are short lived as with time we change. Our values and pleasures change. As we change we form new friendships and find good friends.The friends for life.


Friends for life.

This good friendship is formed slowly. Aristotle once famously said, “Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friends is a slow ripening fruit.”

Friendships for life are formed over time. These friendships are based on respect for each other. Usually, you have similar values and goals in life. A friend for life is with you, stands by you and supports you in all you do. As you do stand by your friend. A friend for life may not always agree with you and you with them, but that is ok. True friends listen to each and respect each other’s values and beliefs. Friends for life take time to establish. Good friendships sometimes start out as a school friendship. Frequently, friends for life come along as you form bonds in new countries or learn new ways in life, computer skills, living skills or sports.

Of the three types of friendships, friends for life are the most meaningful. These friends are true friends. They are rare and invaluable.

As Aristotle said, “Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies.”  When you form this friendship you have a true friendship.

Linking the entwined connections.

Looking at friends and friendships is looking at connections. To begin with, developing deeper relations also involves an appreciation of yourself. You may like some of these tips on goals for self-love.

All friendly feelings toward others come from friendlsy feelings a person has for himeself.


By improving your relationship with yourself you may find that you develop deeper and stronger relationships with others. For it was first written in the old testament ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’, one of the meanings of the phrase ‘love your neighbour as yourself‘ is to love your neighbour, your friend as yourself, you need to love yourself.

A friend to all is a friend to none.


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The 3 types of friends in life

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