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‘The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less’ – Socrates

Why You Need To Analyse When Less Is More In Your Life

Less is more is a core value to minimalists and people who are practise lifestyle choice. It is not just minimalist that benefit from a minimal lifestyle. The practice of less is more is great for families, travellers, entrepreneurs and people who enjoy work-life balance. The benefits of when less is more in life can be immense as when you have less choice you often gain more happiness and have greater results in your life.

Benefits of when less is more in life.

Less stress leads to better health.

The big one is less stress. When you have worry you have stress. As a consumer often the more you have the more debt you have. The more debt the more worry. The less worry leads to a healthier mind and less stress.

Less choice leads to more focus and quicker decisions.

When you have less choice, you have more focus. You reach a decision quicker.

Have you ever noticed when you are on holiday the decision what to wear is easier? This is because you have less choice. The choice of clothes is limited to the favourite you took away. There was no need to stand in front of the wardrobe and try on multiple outfits to only pick the first choice.

When less is more
Simplicity: When Less Is More

More Productivity with less.

Too much choice can cause overwhelm.

When starting a digital business, I found I was learning all the systems. I was going on Facebook, Instagram, blogging, YouTube, using lots of systems and unsure which system to use. It was causing overwhelm, jumping from one platform to another. It was great to learn a little of each system however it has been fantastic to learn more by focussing on one. With less choice, I have found I have learnt more.

When working on a project focus on one thing at a time you to have a greater outcome. As a wearer of many hats; mum, business owner, employee, sister, committee member, community member, student, the list could go on, focus on one task at a time. Give your full attention to the one thing, stop the multitasking to be productive.   To be successful less is more with productivity.

Less clutter leads to more happiness.

The more you have the more you have to clean, sort, organize and pack.

Having moved home over eighteen times including three international moves, I understand the cost of having too much furniture to pack and send to a new home. Moving home is a great time to declutter. I have a rule if an item is not used in 1 year it is not needed and can go.

Less is certainly more when you move to live abroad. When you move to live abroad it is good to declutter. As you watch the boxes go into the container and receive the bill to ship your processions you understand this is a time when less is more. Less is more when you declutter your home and turn your clutter into cash. The less clutter the more happiness.

Less cleaning leads to more time.

There is a tendency to have space in the home and less furniture today. This is great. Less cleaning and less to move or pack. More space can also lead to downsizing, a smaller home as you find you need less space to live in.

Less overindulgence leads to greater health.

As a dieter watching your health ‘less is more’. Overindulgence in food results in weight gain and possible health problems like sore knees, sore joints, diabetes, tiredness.  Greater health can be obtained by reducing the over indulgencing in food and alcohol. The reduction of over indulgencing can lead to greater health.

Fewer commitments lead to more time.

Learn to say no to people, to do things. The more you say no, the more time you have to spend with those people you want to be with. Saying ‘no’ more often enables more time to spend on you, your passions, your projects. The more time to embrace the lifestyle you choose.

Every time you say ‘yes’, you take time away from another area of your life.

More money leads to less worry.

As a consumer ‘less is more’. All the new items are great, a new iPhone, yay! the long cue to get it! Many people love Apple products and buy them just because it’s Apple. The new items, whatever they are; car, clothes, phones may produce ‘feel good hormones’ at the time of purchasing and maybe for a few weeks after. What if you have gone into more debt to buy more things? How does it feel when the bills arrive? Less is certainly more if you need to go into debt to get more. Before you go into debt ask yourself

  • Do you need the item?
  • Will the feel good for the item last long term?

As a consumer the more you say ‘no’ the more money you have at your disposal to enjoy life, to pay off the debt you worry about. Consume less, be happy with what you have.

Less negativity leads to greater results.

Become aware of where you are happy, what you appreciate. For many people, happiness comes from being with people they love. Happiness comes from doing what they love. If people put you down or are negative towards your goals, spend less time with them. Spend more time with the people who support you. The less negativity you have the easier it is to move forward towards your goal, towards your vision. Negative people can hold you back. Disagreements can hold you back. When you have quality relationships you may find less is more. Fewer friends, more time for your friends and more time to spend with the people you want and value in your life.

It is said that you attract what you put out. If you look for problems, you will find problems. If you look for positivity you will find positivity.

Other examples of when less is more.

  • Camping; you have less with you and appreciate the nature.
  • When eating whole natural foods you obtain greater health and reduce the waste from packaged food.
  • Less rubbish, there is a healthier environment.
  • Sitting less for long periods results in a healthier life.
  • When you have less you have more freedom.

A simple stress-free life with clarity and purpose is something many people seek but few obtain. Sometimes it is easy to analyse when less is more in your life. Other times it is the clutter in your mind that requires attention. The worries, the stress, the concerns all take up your time, take health. As you declutter your mind and simplify your life you begin to appreciate the small things in life and what matters most to you. With each elimination, you will discover that less is more in life, your wealth in life increases. You appreciate who and what matters most to you, your happiness increases.  Appreciate the control you have in choosing how you live, where you live and the lifestyle you lead.

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