Who is Angie Emde?

I’m Angela Emde, my friends all call me Angie. I’m a blogger and affiliate marketer living in Australia who is passionate about helping other women achieve their goals of working to live, not living to work. Alongside building an online business I also help people in the community as a support worker.

My personal story is I grew up in Jersey, Channel Islands but from an early age I knew I was going to explore and leave the island.  I’ve enjoyed exploring countries in Europe and had the opportunity to live in a few including living and working in Switzerland where I met my husband.

In 1992, Carsten and I moved to Australia and have yo yo’d a few times back and forth between Jersey, Switzerland and Australia, fortunately we’ve always been able to work and support ourselves in the countries we’ve lived, while bring up our children. In fact one of us, has always been home for the kids right through their childhood.

Choosing work life balance

Over the past 10 years, I, Angie have had my own business, a franchise, worked in the corporate world and worked casually or part-time on 24/7 rosters.  Although I've enjoyed each work opportunity, the work place environments haven’t provided the full freedom I was hoping to have to live the lifestyle I’d like at anytime.  I found to get financial reward I need to give up on the family life and lifestyle I like.  I have the choice to be overworked with no time to enjoy life or underpaid unable to travel and do things I want to due to financial constraints.

Many people may think that a lifestyle anytime isn’t available but I believe it is possible to work around your lifestyle, not live around your work.  It is possible but not easy. I'm at the start of my journey and I know hard work will be involved in developing a successful online business.

I say bring on the challenge!

As, the reason I commenced an online business is to choose the way I live, to choose how I live life,  so I can spend time with those I would like to spend time with, travel more, get healthy and supplement my income.

Why start an online business from scratch?

My current work can’t provide the lifestyle I would like. I don't have enough saved for my pension, which isn't great when you are in midlife. I could see I'd need to work way past retirement and that isn't going to give me the geographical and time freedom I'm after.  Therefore, I searched for 'start an online business' as I needed something I could do around my current employment.

This lead me to discover an online education program and the power of working with mentors. Mentors, that guide, that have already earned by doing and now teach others to follow in their footsteps.

I knew I found a way forward, a way out of the rut race and way to fulfil my goals and my dreams. Why? because,  the system aligned with my values and my belief in online possibilities and personal development.

I’ve been amazed at the system, the education it provides, the skill building possibilities and the new friends. The more I’m learning the more possibilities are emerging and the more I'm helping other grow businesses or fulfil their passions.

I’m excited about the lifestyle I can create for myself, my family and the opportunities to help you change your live, grow your business or awaken forgotten goals.  It is helping you that motivates me. Helping you set goals and master habits for a balanced life or commence your own online business.

Life pulls you in all directions and like me, you may have put your goals on hold to focus on family or career or even both. However, life is one big journey and you too can join the many who earn an income online while pursing their dreams.

Yes, You can do this too.

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